Gerhard Loots

Group Chief Executive Officer

Gerhard is the CEO of the Madison Group, responsible for setting vision, driving culture and delivering continuous growth.

Prior to joining Madison he headed up IoT at Telstra, where his team established software product development, acquired new capabilities, established international relevance, won multiple industry awards and drove growth in excess of industry.  He also served as a member of the GSMA’s global IoT steering group and as a non-executive director of MTData.

Prior to Telstra, he was the general manager of RODE microphones, where he developed several new products including a now globally leading new wireless product range, increased productivity, decreased failures and lead to substantial growth.

Prior to immigrating to Australia, Gerhard was the founder of ATEC- a full FTTH service provider. At ATEC he played various roles, but was responsible for setting strategy, driving product and customer engagements. He identified adjacent growth opportunities for ATEC in security and spearheaded several new initiatives including Open Access Networks, Dark Fibre and Health.

With a Bachelor of Commerce (Law) and qualifications in network engineering and continuous improvement, he strives to establish and maintain positive tension between seemingly opposing disciplines. From his founder days he remains very passionate about challenging the status quo through innovation and have served as advisory board member to several startups.